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3 Dads, 11 Kids, 5 Apps.

AppDads Coloring
AppDads Coloring is a customizable paint program for kids. Use the color ribbon at the bottom of the view to select a color that suites your fancy. Then click on any white fillable region in the image to paint! It's that simple. Unlock other extended features in the app, such as free hand painting, erase, and stamps by downloading AppDadsColoring Expansion.
Chore Cards
Chore Cards is a set of 25 chores meant to teach our little ones how to become independent by establishing good daily habits and motivating them through rewards. Parents can also enter custom chores. Snap a photo of your child performing the chore and add it to their set.

Hey Coach

For any ages, t-ball to adult league. It provides a simple on phone database (no network connection required or account) that would list details and contact info for your team(s), players, field locations, practices, and games. Includes batting order and positions of players per inning. Email the team, or just a player, Text the team, or just a player, Call a player, or a field weather info line. Email the team a detailed schedule, or details on the upcoming game. Map a field location, and so on.

San Diego County Library
The San Diego County Library App! The wait is over, now you can check on your library account on your iPhone, see if you have books on hold waiting for pickup, search for books and request them. The SDCL app allows multiple accounts so you can track your kids/spouse accounts to remind them of overdue books.
Looks like a storm is brewing! An Alphabet Storm, that is! This app develops QWERTY keyboard skills in the form of a fun game. Select one of four different types of storm, then a difficulty level. Letters start dropping, and the object of the game is to hit the right letter key to stop that drop before it hits the bottom of the screen.
Alphabet Storm